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The Seven

Following are some comments from Amazon reviewers about The Seven.

--"UFOs make for an intriguing topic, but the author's ability to incorporate real-life alleged sightings, great character dialogue, common hardships people face and an enticing plot with it is what makes this a must read.”

--"The plot is plausible, the pace is quick, and the ending left me waiting for the second and third books in this trilogy with great interest and anticipation.”

--"The characters are well drawn, not at all one dimensional, and the plot moves quickly and often unpredictably.”

--"Kept me engrossed from start to finish!”

--"Solid writing, believable characters, and a powerful ending so tantalizing you will hunger for the next book in the trilogy.”

--"The Seven is a fun read for anybody who enjoys a good detective story or action, thriller, or science fiction novels.”

--"A fantastic page-turner!”